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Ecotourism just got better with these travel gadgets

Ecotourism isn't just about staying at eco-friendly places, you have to travel responsibly yourself. First of all you can be eco-friendly about getting to your destination: take a train or drive instead of flying. Once you reach your destination, you can rely on the following travel gadgets to easily be eco-friendly while enjoying your stay.

Green travel

Instead of buying travel-sized bottles of shampoo, etc. at your local drugstore, you can opt for reusable GoToob Travel bottles. This way, you won't cause a total waste by using one-time usage products and you will be able to bring your favourite products, not just the travel size making brands.

Speaking of bottles, a stainless steel drinking bottle is the best option while traveling. Its durable material will make it keep its shape and it will keep your water cold, unlike a plastic bottle would. Get a Polar Bottle one, because they even strive toward the most environmentally-friendly production process, using locally sourced materials and low impact production methods. On top of that, Polar Bottle sends you a free replacement cap if needed, so you can keep using the same bottle and don't create unnecessary waste.

If you're going on a long hike of camping trip into the wild, you do not want to find yourself running out of battery. A portable solar panel, like the Goal Zero's Nomad 13, can charge anything that needs up to 13 watts. It's the size of an iPad so it's fairly easy to pack. Moixa Energy has another nifty solution for running out of actual batteries: USB Cell. You can charge this handy battery from any USB port you can find, reducing the toxic waste that goes along with throwing away empty batteries.

Take these things into account, maybe invest a little money in some of these green travel gadgets, and lift ecotourism to another level.