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GoSun solar cooker - cooking meals with only the sun

Why not cook a meal with nonpolluting solar energy instead of gas or charcoal? GoSun has the solution with its solar cooker, a fuel-free solar oven. Its glass tube absorbs sunlight and converts it to heat. By opening the stove's reflective panels and angling them toward the sun, the tube catches even more light and your food will be cooked in no time. You can even cook on a cloudy day.

Due to its nifty lightweight portable design you can cook anywhere. You can set your GoSun solar stove up in seconds. So, it's great for camping but also for everyday use! If you’re living in a sunny climate, this thing is a must because you don’t want to turn on your conventional oven heating up your house even more. According to reviews, the GoSun Solar Stove is incredibly easy to use. Cut your food into small pieces to have it cook more quickly and fit into the tray.

Discover all about this amazing solar cooker in this video. Go green, GoSun!