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Green fashion brand in the picture: People Tree

In the past I would have usually linked terms like fair trade, ethical, sustainable or eco-friendly with tree-hugging hippy types. However, this cliche does no longer apply. Nowadays, even fashion is going green and fair trade, and People Tree is a real frontrunner in turning ethical fashion into something glamorous.

Green fashion

People Tree has been a pioneer in getting Fair Trade certified under the World Fair Trade Organisation. In 2013 they were the first fashion company to receive the WFTO's Fair Trade product mark. People Tree’s approach to the fashion industry can indeed be called quite unorthodox, a new way of doing business. This eco company strives to follow the Fair Trade principle in every aspect of their business.

Instead of working with cheap labour forces in sweatshops, People Tree works in developing countries with Fair Trade farmers and artisans, all people who have an incredibly small environmental footprint. This is part of their ethical and environmentally sustainable strategy, slow fashion. The producing communities live in a back to basics environment, without electricity etc. They eat locally produced food and are mostly self-sufficient, so they buy very few consumer goods. An example to follow!

organic cotton
organic cotton

People Tree designs clothing that can be produced by hand, so their garments have small carbon-footprints too. Besides, People Tree promotes organic cotton farming, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in the production stage. And they aim to recycle everything they can. People Tree takes the green road wherever they can.

Even Emma Watson has collaborated with the brand releasing a fashion collection a while ago, and we all know she's got impeccable taste in fashion. So guys, get your People Tree items and enjoy looking fashionable while wearing 'm in good conscience, knowing that it's an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. People and planet will be thankful for it!