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Green Roof Benefits

I personally love the fresh look a green roof. It adds some life and colour to an otherwise dull building. I'm doing my internship in a modern building with the most beautiful bright green roof. And my parents are renovating a house, contemplating about putting in a green roof. But do living roofs have real significant benefits? I did some research and it turns they have loads!

Green roof building

First of all, I was curious to find out what private benefits green roofs offer me. Why should I consider it for my own house? Well, there's the energy efficiency argument and honestly, don't we all want to lower our energy bill? Due to green roofs' insulation less energy will be needed to heat your house and in summer green roofs double as a natural air conditioning system cooling your house. But living roofs are not only a great heat reducer, they also guarantee great outside noise reduction.

Besides private benefits, green roofs offer a cartload of public benefits too. They massively reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. They cool a city significantly during the hot summer months because they cover the hottest surfaces in town: pitch-black steaming rooftops. The vegetation absorbs the light that would otherwise be converted into heat. That same vegetation also functions as a filter for toxic gases, improving urban air quality and helping to reduce dust and smog in the city. You can already tell, green roofs pack major environmental benefits!

green roof park

Another more visible benefit: green roofs bring about a major aesthetic improvement, beautifying a city's concrete jungle. Besides, they are a perfect space for social life to bloom: you can turn your basic green roof into a community garden, a commercial space (a restaurant terrace for example), a children's playground or a recreational space.

So, if you're thinking about putting in a green roof, I would say 'Go for it!'. They aren't only beautiful visually but pretty damn eco-friendly too! Don't let the price put you off: green roofs are worth the extra money because you'll save on energy bills and it will increase your house's value.