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Green your routine with these apps

Going green seems like a big thing to ask. People often think they need to make big changes in their lifestyle to make it happen. However, this most definitely is not the case. Just by tweaking your habits a bit, you can make a major impact. It won't cost any money either because you can just download a few apps that will help you go green. No excuses!

Go green with eco-friendly apps

First up: Goodguide. This app will help you shop for green goods. In Goodguide's database you can search for eco-friendly food, household products, beauty products, etc. The database contains over 250,000 ethical options for you to choose from. All products get a score from 0 to 10 (0 being the worst, 10 being the best). If you can, go for a 10, then you'll know it's a winner: healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly.

Another green shopping app is called Think Dirty. Don't let its suggestive name fool you, this app informs you about toxic chemicals in beauty products. This way, you don't have to read the complex labelling on packaging, you won't be able to make anything of it anyway. Think Dirty only allows for the safest, most healthy products to sell through its app. Healthier for you and the environment.

These shopping apps are great, but there's a lot of other green apps like PaperKarma that will reduce waste in a more active way. PaperKarma invites you to cut down on paper waste by letting them when you have unwanted mail, and god knows we all have it all the time. Just snap a picture of the mail using the app and they will contact the mailer and have you removed from their mailing list. Big cut down on paper waste, big win for the environment!

Do checkout other apps like CarmaCarpooling, Ecoviate and iRecycle too. If you adhere to a combination of these apps, your carbon footprint will be reduced drastically. So, go green or go home!