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How to drive more eco friendly

Well, of course leaving your car at home and making use of public transportation, carpooling or riding your bike would be more eco-friendly. So, try to reduce traveling by car to an absolute minimum. When you do need to travel by car, please keep these tips in mind.

eco friendly car

Plan your car travel

Rather than taking lots of smaller trips, consolidate your errands into one big trip to save gas (and money). Communicate with your family and friends to combine all of their trips or errands into one drive.


If you keep up with maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle on the road longer. This way, your car can last 10 to 15 years or even longer. Holding onto your vehicle will reduce the number of new vehicles being manufactured and therefor is more eco-friendly.

Make sure to keep your tires pumped up. Underinflated tires increase fuel consumption by as much as 3 percent! Also, they increase the risk of an accident as they are more likely to blow. However, don’t overinflate them either, always check the recommended pressure for your tires!

Driving style

This one should already be a no-brainer: don’t idle. Did you know that an idling vehicle gives off 80 percent more pollution than a moving vehicle? Idling longer than 30 seconds uses more fuel than turning your engine off and then back on again.

Keep it nice and steady to avoid hard acceleration and heavy braking, which increases fuel consumption considerably. While driving on the highway, use cruise control.

Use your car gadgets only when you need to. Your vehicle’s air conditioner and other electrical gadgets can use up to 10 percent more fuel. Using them only when necessary will save you loads of fuel and money.