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Jump on the bug bandwagon!

A while ago I tried the somewhat strange trend of snacking on insects. You could already find these six-legged ‘delicacies’ in Thailand, served like peanuts with a Chang beer, but now they are legitimately taking over the world. These days you can try fried grasshoppers and such at festivals but the insect burger has even taken over supermarkets waiting for you to try them out. Here are some super valid reasons why it's worth to contemplate adding bugs to your diet. 

fried crickets

Nutritious little buggers

While the thought of eating insects may not sound that appetising, they are a great source of protein. a portion of mealworms contains more protein and other nutritients than a juicy steak! Because the little buggers are so nutritious, the EU has even offered a financial incentive to its member states to promote the use of insects in cooking.

Clean production process

Moreover, their production process requires much fewer resources (less feed, water and land) than your conventional foods. This is why production of insects for food purpose generates much less greenhouse gases, which massively benefits our planet and our health. For these health and environment reasons, many food experts believe that supporting entomophagy (the eating of insects) will be necessary in order to feed a growing population while protecting the planet.

worm potatoes

Development enhancing

Another reason to become a bug loving foodie: bugs can transform the lives of people in developing countries. The insect industry will massively boost their incomes, empowering these local communities and providing them with a nutritious diet.

For all these incredible reasons, entrepreneurs are jumping on the bug bandwagon and a lot of edible insect startups have been whipped up recently. How about some nice mealworm protein balls or a scrumptuous cricket key lime pie? Eating bugs is healthy for our bodies, the planet and the prosperity of people in developing countries. Why not join in on this eco-friendly trend? Have you ever tried insects and would you be able to fit them in your daily diet?